The age old question is how long should a CV be. There is no right or wrong answer to this; it’s all role and experience dependent, which I guess is a cop out of an answer, but it’s true. For a head of transactional finance role, by definition, you would expect this person to be more experienced than say an entry level Accounts Payable clerk, and you would presume the more senior candidate to have a longer CV.

The whole purpose of the CV is to get you an interview. Therefore you want the reader vis-à-vis the employer to be engaged as they are buying into you – Brand You. You are selling yourself for that particular role and you would need to make sure your CV is optimised for that particular role. So to let your employer know that you like to read comic books, have a passion for cooking and socialising isn’t probably up there with the main requirements for a CV. You need to be specific, but yet include the necessary detail which shows why you would be the ideal candidate for that role. Having a CV which is longer than 3 pages is generally too long – as more than likely the employer will get an inkling whether they like what they see after reading the opening page and a half.

Returning to “Brand You” – it is vital in these modern times that you have a LinkedIn page. Employers and recruiters will almost always check your LinkedIn page before they will make a decision on you. In a recent study by Resumé Go – they stated that if you link your LinkedIn account to your CV there a 71% greater chance that you will receive a call back than those who do not link their LinkedIn account to their CV.

Saying that, if you are applying for an entry level role, outlining that when you were a student you were head of a certain society and had a part time job marketing for a night club by means of handing out flyers, would hold you in good stead as it shows a willingness to engage in a multitude of activities whilst you had the opportunity to as a student. A key skill in AP in terms of going the extra mile and a willingness to engage.

When applying for a role, we believe a covering letter is essential and be assured, a specifically tailored covering letter for a particular job will increase your chances of obtaining that interview. Especially given now that unemployment rates are going up, the number of applicants per role will inevitably grow – you need that extra string to your application bow, that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Be honest – gaps in your employment history will go against you, if they are not explained in any covering letter. There is an apt meme doing the rounds at the minute.

Before uploading your CV take a look at the jobs on our board and get an understanding and feeling for what your future employer is looking for, in terms of qualities, experiences, attitudes and skills, and then if needs be, you can optimise your CV accordingly.

The jobs listed have all painted a picture of their company values and their culture. Make sure this fits in with you.

Posted by: Transactional Finance Solutions