There are two types of candidates: A passive and an active candidate. A job advert should appeal to both of these. For a candidate who is actively looking for a new job, the job advert should make the candidate know that it is a job they can do. For a passive candidate, i.e. a candidate currently in a role having a quick look to see what other roles are currently available, the job advert should make this particular type of candidate feel it is a job they could do.

Honesty is always the best policy. We know that a career in AP isn’t always the most glamorous of roles at all times (just most of the time!)

We know that being in AP means that you are on the frontline for a company where suppliers will more often than not chasing payments; so a career in AP isn’t for everyone, and say this explicitly.

This is where the issue of self-interest comes into play; the be all and end all of what motivates an individual. Tapping into this self-interest in a job advert means tapping into what makes an ideal candidate for an AP career tick! This is where an AP leader can blossom – not necessarily an AP manager either, but a clerk who demonstrates leadership and strives for the bigger picture is the sort of self-interest you should be looking to extract from you next employee.  

Posted by: Transactional Finance Solutions