Video interviews - how to make the most of them


1. Battery, Wifi…..let’s go!

How annoying would it be to be cut off mid flow during what is turning out to be a great interview…..make sure your device is fully charged and you’ve got good wifi/internet connection. Make sure you’ve set up in good time and tested your wifi to prevent any issues later down the line.

2. Background, lighting and clothing

You want to make sure that your environment is free from distractions and that you have good lighting avoiding any glare – natural lighting against a plain background is going to be your best bet here.

Although you will be in the comfort of your own home, this is still a formal interview and yes that means you need to dig out your best professional wear – suits, blouses, ties, blazers! One saving grace is that you can probably forgo those high heels!

3. Practice 

It’s always a good idea to do a couple of practice runs before any interview, whether it be face to face or virtual. You want to ensure that you look good, can be seen clearly and all the equipment is working properly.

A huge advantage of video interviews is that you can have your prompts and guides in front of you. Just remember to place them out of sight from the camera and no one will even know you are using them.

4. Pause

This sounds like an obvious one but it’s a good idea to give yourself an extra second or two before responding to a question in case there is a delay or a cut in the connection. It also gives you a slight advantage compared to a face to face interview as you will be able to digest the question and formulate a comprehensive answer (remember the STAR method!).

And finally….

Relax! You’ve made it to interview stage which is an achievement in itself. Make the most of the advantages of video interviews and prepare thoroughly. You will be sitting in the comfort of your own home where you will feel more relaxed, compared to being sat face to face in front of a stranger asking lots of questions so make sure you leverage this situation and make the most of it!


Posted by: Transactional Finance Solutions